About Us

At Las Oleadas – the parent company of Oleada – we create environmentally friendly and unique beverages for today’s consumer.

Do we speak spanish and make the best bottled waters on planet earth? Well…yeah, we sure do!

Bienvenidos caballeros y caballeras a Las Oleadas. Informanse aquí de Oleada, su bebida de alta calidad.

What Makes Oleada Special?

No Artificial Ingredients

No sugars, artificial coloring or flavors and zero calories. Refreshingly delicious bottled water!


Oleada contains three minerals. Taste and feel the difference.


Orgullosamente hablamos español y ingles.

Premium Quality

Purified premium water with minerals in one of the best bottles available.

Environmentally Friendly Bottle

BPA Free, and made from 100% recycled materials, and is 100% recyclable.


Yes, Oleada uses a patented and FDA approved bottle.

Oleada - pura y sana - su bebida de alta calidad. Deleitese hoy y disfrute la diferencia!


Phone: +1 (970) 925-2300
Email: ventas@lasoleadas.com